Run Baby Run! Day 4…importance of Cardio!

12 weeks in and all I can say is true for every woman is pregnancy is a UNIQUE experience.  Everyone ya know will share well intended advice, stories and tell ya how great the end is, but each of us will have our own UNIQUE journey.

So while I’d love to preach that running out 2.2 and walking 2.2 home will change your pregnant life and make ya feel awesome…in good conscious…I can’t! Each of us feels different at different points along this journey. 
If ya are in fact low risk and have been working out before…odds are the above is true for ya. After my cardio today I felt one step closer to ME! And for the 1st time since Wednesday HAPPY/PRODUCTIVE it’s only natural as cardio effects our brain chemistry…for the better!
Now if your not pregnant…well then…earth shattering/life changing/mood fixing is what a great cardio workout will do for u!!!

We’d all love to make excuses…and Pregnant is a good one…but tired…(nope!) it cures that! Sad(nope!) cardio fixes that too! What’s your excuse?? 
Get out there then walk, run, swim…whatever ya can do…DO IT!!!

Bottom line…a good workout can make a rough start to any day better! Heck, it can save the day!
I’ve been keeping up with my yoga…but there is a feeling ya can only get from cardio…that can’t really be explained(only felt) kind of like being preggers”p
I’m gonna run every chance I get for me and baby Rafer! It’s your turn…do it for u! 

Do your own personal best, keep trying and y’all keep skinny mind and body!

One thought on “Run Baby Run! Day 4…importance of Cardio!

  1. I agree; even as a male, I know that yoga can only do women good — during pregnancy– , as opposed to doing nothing! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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