Downsizing Your Social Circle for 30 Days??

Keep it Simple!!! Downsizing our social groups… Juggling becomes an act of sanity for most moms. I would not consider this exercise though”) lol The past few weeks I’ve been cleaning and down sizing in our home…ah refreshing! Now I think it’s time I down size in other areas too…for Sanity! “How about your social circle??” Natural Health Magazine suggests. No this does not mean you are ditching friends.   I have LOTS of amazing friends, but sometimes it seems hard to make time for everyone…SO… Let’s just take 30 days to really connect with 3-5 people…send less random texts, social media posts, in short quit balancing(juggling) 20-30 people daily…and develop a really lasting 30 days with these specific people. Use the phone for calls, make plans to meet face to face…grew these relationships the old fashion authentic way! Don’t get me wrong I love my facebook connections, texting my buddies happies at work, and even enjoy an email chain once in a while; but true friendships take nurturing and funny remember when stories. So take a minute or two today and meditate on who and how ya want to spend more time with this month…And Why? Xoxo Ursula

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