Refuge or Isolation? You Choose!

When I read Sally Kempton of Yoga Journal pose the question…”Where Do You Go For Refuge?” this month my 1st thought was St.Augustine”) but then I thought do people understand refuge is not isolation but mental vacation, Shelter, SAFETY even?

My time spent teaching yoga to special populations patients has opened my eyes to reading these texts differently…through new/fresh eyes…

I think so many times refuge is not viewed as shelter in these populations, but as a hide out.  Because so often people take refuge in alcohol, drugs, food and other harmful vices.
When you feel down or overwhelmed where does your mind guide your physical body?
Is it someplace of refuge like yoga/meditation or the ocean where you can recharge your batteries and find balance within? Positive Refuge”) I like to call it.
 Is it deep isolation with a bottle of wine/tub of Ben and Jerry’s or in bed with the covers pulled over your head? Negative Refuge! This is a false sense of safe…fleeting.
Learning to take positive refuge daily can keep us from isolating in times of woes.  Nurturing oneself at these calm times adds to our tolerance of negatives and gives us a lasting sense of calm
And balance.  A regular exercise or yoga routine, a laugh with a good friend,
even social simplifying as we discussed yesterday can be your positive refuges. Taking as little as 5 minutes a day to breathe, giggle, have peace of mind, or just sit without worry can change your days…all of them for the better!
Where is your place of refuge? (mine is the ocean)
Who is your person of refuge? (mine is usually my hubby, sometimes Marietta,my sis)
What Inner State brings you refuge?
(mine is exercise)
Try to add to these lists regularly…we are constantly finding my positive refuge in fun places, trusting friends and with greater consciousness of the present!

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