A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!


This morning baby Rafer and I ran 3 miles at our best pace yet! I was so proud of us both! I felt accomplished and happy.
…Continuing at my regular pace isn’t an option in my current state, but having the right frame of mind on any run can be the difference between a good pace and having to slow to a walk.  No, there is nothing wrong with walking…if your legs need to. If your mind needs to…try to suck it up…we are all so much mentally stronger then we know!!!
Which brings me to today’s topic:
With a strong mind you can achieve anything… You can make it through a challenge like a run, you can talk yourself into a positive state, you can even over come cravings…I truly believe with mind control our individual possibilities are endless!!!
I read a story this am about Bride’s using feeding tubes to lose weight before weddings??? Really?? Now I have heard it all!!!
Have we really as a society become this weak, vain, and well Fu**ing Lazy?!? And are there really MDs so money hunger that they will forsake their oaths??? It’s Scary!
Stories like this are SO sad to me…if these same people would work towards a goal they would not only achieve it, but reap the benefits and pride of that hard work! And that is something that no one can take from you.  Not to mention stay away from the numerous dangers I could list that are associated with all these get skinny quick (we can’t call them fixes?) schemes.
When I think back on my 3 year journey from 205lbs to 125ish lbs I am filled with a sense of power, love of self and drive that I wouldn’t trade for all the schemes in the world.
Set goals, go at your own pace, OWN your body and all it’s little or not so little challenges…believe you can meet them with a strong mind! You Can!
Keep at it and you’ll be keeping skinny!
Skinny with a Bump

One thought on “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

  1. I saw the story on tv – these people are a) stupid, b) crazy, c) lazy & d) will regain whatever they lose and probably gain some more. The doctors should be ashamed and sanctioned. It’s disgusting – feeding tubes are a last resort for very ill people to keep them alive, not a diet aid. Appallling!

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