Oh, the Place Y’all Go…If ya Can Just Go with the Flow!


It’s been WAY too long since my last post!!!  I could make excuses, but I won’t…the truth is: I had nothing positive to say. Enjoying my life in my current state has been the biggest challenge I’ve faced in years.

Yes, I am the girl who loves a good challenge, but this was more than I could handle for a bit.

Sometimes as we move through challenging feelings it’s best to share all that negative stuff with one or two very close friends. I’m all about owning my energy and not bringing too much SAD, ANGER or LOSS to a space.  I created KeepingSkinny to inspire…not to terrify others or whine.  That all said:
I’m so grateful for my hubby, my sister, mother, Jessica,  Christina and Patzi. Having people who you can be authentic with is a rare thing in this modern age and I love them all for supporting and loving even the ugly in me.

After spending a few more weeks in denial…I finally realized my workouts (while pregnant) had to change.  I’m happy (elated) to report I can run 1 mile joyfully, slowed down my yoga/paddling/boxing classes and even got back to the pool for laps this am.  It isn’t quite as bad as it seems now that I’m going with the flow and I’ve only got 16 weeks to go!

The AIM: Focusing on what I can do! It seems so elementary…but after working so hard to finally get to a point of athlete conditioning…well I found it so tough to let it go (even temporarily).

Fighting morning sickness, hormonal rage, weight gain, etc…well I thought for a moment (days) I’d lose my mind and my fitness.  
So if I’ve said it once…100 x
ATTITUDE is everything! And ANYTHING is possible!

Think of one thing you’d like to own this week…not a new car, or shoes silly…
Something in yourself you’ve been resisting…
Are you a procrastinator?
Have you been skipping workouts?
Neglecting your social life?
Living at an unrealistic pace?
Eating out too much?
Unwilling to embrace a temporary change? (like me)

Now is your chance!!!! Oh, the Places Y’all go…if ya go with the Flow!!!

OWN this thing that is defining you!
Aim to embrace a positive attitude about it and yourself with regard to this thing…Ask for help if you can’t fix it alone.
Schedule 2 sessions to help jump start a new way of seeing this part of your life…make them small, fun and achievable activities.

I’m glad to have had this opportunity to explore a new pace…I am always amazed by how little changes can impact so much. I can’t wait to check out my knitting class and tai chi next week…
What will you do??

Keep Calm and Skinny!

Ursula and Aliyah

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