Finding Joy…In Old Places

I ran the beach Saturday morning…it was only a 1.5 run (in the rain)…but I felt like a million dollars!!!

Running became a need for me this last 2-3 years…I’d love to say the yogini in me is strong enough/flexible enough to find that release in stretching…it would be a LIE!   In my older age; though, I do recognize that there needs to be other activities that help me decompress in times when a run isn’t or can’t be the option?!
What?!? I spent lots of time of the last few weeks dreading the days I could not run! Seriously Ursula! What a waste of time…I’m not the negative girl!
Finally, I asked myself…what did you love as a child? What did you love before you became a runner? What makes you smile?
Suddenly, a flood of activities took over!
•writing recipes
•learning new things
•the beach
•time with Sher
•walks with Tommy
I could go on…but what a great start.
So this week when I could not run: I learned 5 chords, painted for Jessica, designed Aliyah’s nursery, and drew up my party plan for a bridal shower on Sat”)
What can you compromise to be your best you each day??

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