Trust YOU!!!

Me and Baby Aliyah Paddling 8/2/12  “They call me Crazy, but we love IT!”


This morning I spent an hour or so reading a great blog…This one! (hehe)  It’s hard to believe how long I have been posting and also how long it’s been since I sat down to a computer to post(damn you I phone, and I guess thank u too? lol)

There will be so many people that filter in and out of your life over the years giving advice, judgements and information…so today’s post is about the importance of knowing who will give you the best advice: YOU!  As I reread some of my posts today; I saw the answers to questions I thought I could not answer…I began to know and love little bits of me all over again…In a way only talking with oneself can bring:)

**This does not mean we ignore the universe, or the vast wealth of ideas and joys others can share with us!  It just means at the end of the day…we trust most in what is true for ourselves on a deep internal level.

This is certainly a time of transition(I’m now 33 weeks pregnant…feeling Good…Finally)…not just for me, but for so many people I know and love.  If you look at life through clear glasses(not rosey colored or dark) we are ALWAYS in transition!  This is actually what makes life most enjoyable if you can remain present…the postives are everywhere!

Moving forward to a new chapter in life like motherhood, a new school or career can have so many positives…new friends, new things to learn, and oh the possibilites for what you are gonna achieve later!   If you are letting go of a child a lil(kindergarten or college) PRIDE is the plus…You must be one amazing parent to have a child that continues to grow and learn to be the change we wish to see in the world!  There is an up side to every change in life…We just have to learn to shift the focus when those negatives try to sneak in. Trust YOU!

And well, if you’ve ever read this blog you know I’m gonna advocate exercise as the best way to stay present, keep positive and be your best you inside and out!

Destress the negatives with yoga, a swim or run.  Anything physical is going to help!  These practices can be mediative and if you ask anyone who does them regularly and then goes a day or two without?? life saving!

My latest and greatest love is paddling as it has allowed me cardio in these last months of my pregnancy when running was no longer an option.

(focus shifted)= HAPPINESS.

Spend a few minutes today during your workout or at rest chatting with your inner self…Let go of others ideals, judgements and suggestions.

What brings you peace?  What is your idea of joy?  What are you willing to do to be Blissful and present in your own life??  What do you have to be grateful for as you transition to new chapters??

Keep Real with Yourself, Trust YOU and Keep Skinny!


Ursula and Aliyah “Bump”


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