2013…Let’s Do This!

divine 283Happy New Year! I Can’t believe it’s 2013 already?!? Where did the time go?
It seems like it was just yesterday that I was big and pregnant at the beach…now it’s January and I’ve been a mommy 3 months…
And honestly besides a chef/yogini (worker bee) still…not much else?!? What??

Life changes can be (Are) a huge adjustment…whether good (new baby/job/home) or difficult changes(death/divorce/kids leaving the nest)…time is the necessary element to adapting.
And finding time to adapt is it’s own challenge”) lol

My Post Baby Rafer challenges: Work Schedule, Lack of sleep due to strictly breast feeding and it is exhausting (rewarding!) but EXHAUSTING!!!!  Lack of alone time…I could be here all day listing the changes…waste of time…the bottom line:  I have yet to get back on my board”( Bummer! Running is tougher too! I still have 8 additional pounds to lose and control of my schedule to gain.

I am ready to Adapt!  I want to reclaim My Workouts, my body and well URSULA(the pre mommy Ursula)…I adore A(best thing that ever happened to me!) but it is super important for me, my business, my marriage and well even Aliyah that I feel physically and mentally well.

I know I’ve always preached on this blog that there is always time to workout and I believe that!!! Still I can admit I am finding that balance has been a HARD transition and boy have I learned who my REAL friends (Posse) are and how much I love and appreciate my family!

Aliyah is 13 weeks old and I have had 4 runs (less than 4 miles) and 2 real workouts(strength) both in nursery”)
This is a great start…and 2013 will be much better if I can keep my mind strong I’m sure my body can follow.
So hello 2013!
Today I made a few lists…anyone who has been on this blog knows I love to set goals…I’m not resolving (I don’t do new year’s resolutions!)
I am, however; committing  to 3 simple things this month and so are my girlfriends. Having a cheer leading team or a posse makes these goals SO much easier!!! (Note to Self Re-do Posse Tree this one is from 2010)IMG_0259


#1. Spend 3 days doing stuff I love weekly for staying fit!
(eg. Yoga, Paddling, running)
Hopefully, sometimes with A, Sher or a friend”)

#2 work on my new business(baking 2 days monthly”). Stay tuned for more details on this project!!! I’m so EXCITED to start!

#3 working on my blog daily(eg. Attitude, self improvement”) can’t wait to start new fun mind diets with y’all!

Here is our 2013 schedule:
Set 3 goals each month…what are yours? How can I help?

January: How to be Adventurous in 4 easy steps

February: 14 ways to show yourself LOVE

March: 31 Days of Meditation

April: Spring into Your 2013 Rhythm

May: Gratitude Sandwich

June: New improved Attitude Diet

July: Beach Ready Body

August: Getting Ready for Fall Fest

September: Learn and Lunch with Us

October: blog closed for vaca(we all need a break”)

November: Family Tree Project

December: Reflecting and pattern detecting

Thanks for reading and keeping skinny with me!!!

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