Learning to Be Adventurous: 4 Easy Steps

I love taking out my passport and heading out to explore a new place.  But not every new task or trip is as fun as my travels abroad are…
I never imagined at 20 I’d be divorced(but I handled it and even married again)  my pregnancy was a long journey(and now I have gorgoeus Aliyah to cuddle) when Ryan was killed I was not sure how to find my way back to normal/peace(yoga and my family saved me) flying alone for the 1st time to me was nerve racking(but the end destination and knowledge that it is really safer than a car trip got me through this too) the list goes on and on…life often gives us surprises (adventures) we may or may not be ready for.

What adventures are you on in this new year? Maybe a New Job, Adjusting to your bodies physical  limits, exploring a new lesson? What ever your adventure…let’s learn to embrace it together! Let’s even spend this 2013 seeking adventures!!!!(4 easy steps)

1. Be Curious…Ask questions, Learn Something New, Find a Mentor

2. Find Purpose in Your Goals…
Ask Why Did I Set this Goal? Find the benchmarks…celebrate the vision, but each small step too!

3. Turn Fear into Excitement…
Focus on the trip(journey) notice the joy and excitement of new! Is it a real risk?? Or an opportunity??

4. Embrace Change…
Break from routine…get a new outcome!
Sign up for something new, make a new friend, don’t know what can happen?? Find the thrill in it!

Follow up Questions to Ask Yourself today…let the Adventure Seeking Begin!

What are you most proud of doing that you feared at first?

Biggest Life Lesson from something scary?

One thing you would not do again?

What I now want more of in my life?

How will I make it happen?

Typing this at 3am is part of my breast feeding adventure. It’s teaching me to be kind to my body so I can help Aliyah get the best nutrition possible for the best possible beginning of her KS journey”)


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