Trying to Post…Post Baby Rafer…Happy to Be Getting Anything Done:)

Trying to Post...Post Baby Rafer...Happy to Be Getting Anything Done:)

Wow! What a day…wedding planning(for my baby bro), work, walk with Aliyah…
I almost forgot to blog!
It is hard to fit it all in sometimes…And I love to DO IT ALL!
In 2010 I started a cookbook(see above a page) now it’s 2013 and it is still not published?? Fail? No, but an adventure I’d love to complete this year!
…And yep that is as far as I got on Jan 3rd. LMAO
And so here it is the 7th and I begin again…
2013 has been a roller coaster already.
I’ve had food poisoning and thought I’d die of exhaustion(which was enhanced by continuing to feed Aliyah), Patzi and I finally started our run training Saturday only to get drenched in the rain”) but enjoyed the Farmer’s Market, had an OH SO YUMMY breakfast @ Saquella, and I am so way behind on work emails, blogging and the like because I rather cuddle my kid”)
These are not complaints…just truths!
This year is unlike no other…I’m trying to make a work calendar, blog my way skinny and sane, and start yet another new business?!
Yes, that is right I’m a doer…I can’t even help myself!
And so Adventure Month begins: JAN 2 follow up…

Follow up Questions to Ask Yourself today…let the Adventure Seeking Begin!

What are you most proud of doing that you feared at first? Running 13.1, Starting DivineDining, Getting Fit, Having Aliyah

Biggest Life Lesson from something scary?
Having Aliyah-Daily Lessons

One thing you would not do again?
Want to learn to not over commit!!!

What I now want more of in my life?
Paddling, Family Time, and Finacial Security

How will I make it happen?
Make a Schedule to Play, Work a little Less

I’ve started following again:) and Monique has been blogging about commitment(inspiring me to blog about my classes at clinic:)

What Adventure are you commiting to today??

I am starting my 2013 calendar”) Stay Tuned for lots of fun events.

xo Ursula

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