Many Adventures Already 2013

Is an adventure the same as a challenge?!  God, I hope so…lol…because that is what life seems to be giving me.
One after another!  This weeks Top 3.
1)Today I started teaching my out door beach yoga classes in Highland Beach. It was great and became a true adventure when a lil drizzle turned to pouring rain and we quickly ran for cover.
When we got to the indoor fitness room I started Savasana only to encounter an elderly man stepping over my students as they stretch out and turning up the Today Show so 6 floors up could hear it! Oh, My! An Adventure for my new students to say the least…
True Yoga practice is all about finding that way to be at peace with yourself and the things that happen around you no matter what…so I led them in a moment of tolerance and we Ommmmed our way through it”) Grateful for a perfect opportunity to share a lesson of how to go inside (oneself) for quiet.
2)ING is exactly 1 week away now!!! Ahh!!! I’m not ready at all! I could blame a million things(having a baby 3 months ago, no having help to run more, breast feeding…who cares the reason) 

It is still Really upsetting me(in-spite of my meditation and being another 2 lbs down…I am unsettled) I ran a total of 5 miles this week…will maybe get in a run tomorrow?? I’m utterly exhausted just thinking about it. Sheridan posted 6 pages of motivational quotes on the wall next to the treadmill<3 Still I have not trained well and so rather then risk injury I’m bailing”(
3)Third and possibly my personal favorite I tried 20 new recipes this week…all but 2 über successes. I made a black eyed pea salad (so NOLA and Yum!) I made a black bean, ginger and bok choy stir fry (omg veg head heaven!) and a beer battered snapper (seriously sinfully good!)…among other really tasty stuff.
Foodie adventures are slowly but surely becoming my favorite work activity again”) My clients were very happy and I have 18 new menu items”) Finally a happy adventure!



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