34 Years Young…And Learning All Over Again…

IMG_1980Monday I turned 34.  I suppose it is not a monumental birthday year, but one of my besties sent me this.

“Hope your day was lovely! Thinking of u. Birthdays are not just a party, especially as u get older. But it is a time to reflect on the past year (or years) and look at the following years and how u wish to them to be.
I wish you the most positive vibes & energy! Wishing you, Sheridan & Aliyah a lifetime of happiness & love! xoxo CLAU”

She recently packed up and moved to Cali and is focused on making her life Sat Chit Anada(Bliss Divine)…So Inspiring!

It got me thinking…It was the start a week of reflection for me:)  This is my first year as a mom(Aliyah is my Sat chit ananda:), my 12th year as a Yoga teacher, my 10th year in love with Sher, my 9th year in business as a chef, in my 34 years I’ve done and learned enough to be closer to 84…and yet most days I feel about 22(my cute lil nephew thinks I’m 17:) and well the years have been filled with joy, pain, light and love.  I would not change most of it…It has molded me into who I am today.

As I reflect on the last few months though I still feel a little off…as I have been sharing.

And then just as if the universe knew it was my time…I was gifted with a lesson on the Gunas.  http://www.himalayaninstitute.org/yoga-international-magazine/asana-articles/dance-of-the-gunas/

This was not the 1st I’m hearing of these; of course, even a great Yoga teacher can get lost in their own energy…When I became a teacher in 2001 at http://www.yogapeace.com/ the training was FREE if you could complete it(Blessed).  I did (in the 2nd try…a story for another post!)…still I focus so much on teaching these days that I am forgetting to learn new lessons myself?? and also forgetting to review those that are not right in my mind’s eye??

After posting about one of the Gunas another friend mentioned she was going to share the essence of Sattva (Basic Goodness/Pure Light) with her son( a new Yoga teacher) who was practicing Karma Yoga near his college.  KARMA YOGA! That’s it! I can’t recall the last time I did this…I have neglected my teacher training roots for too long.  The only negective about Yogi ing for $$$.

And so Dylan has unknowingly inspired me to gift Yoga to the masses again.  I am commited to sharing one sanskrit lesson a day on social media for the next 30 days:)  It will be so good for me to return to my roots and hopefully share and inspire others to live yoga with or without Asana practice.

I am very excited that this will be my final January Adventure…It is often in reflecting that we come across what we’re missing quite accidentally.



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