Yoga Saved ME…

IMG_0422Exhausted! This does not even begin to describe how my physical body has felt lately. Hormonal from nursing 24/7 and lack luster from just being plain sleep deprived…If I am being honest and I always try to be; I am suffering from some mild depression*** as of late. I feel like I have to spend time rereading this blog just so I can remember the spunky girl I was/am. But yesterday in my class I realized Yoga Was Saving Me…

Anyone who has ever taken Yoga seriously(practiced) knows it can SAVE u!?!
In 1999 when I was dangerously over weight-Yoga Saved Me!
2005 “The worst year of my life” after Katrina and Ryan was killed in
Iraq-Yoga Saved Me!
2006 after a miscarriage-Yoga Saved Me!
2008 planning my wedding-Yoga Saved Me!
2012 during my pregnancy-Yoga Saved Me! SUP Yoga”)
Day after Day…Year after Year…people and problems may have come and gone…Yoga is my constant and it has continually reminded me of who and what I am at my core-Tula-Balance that I was lacking is an active practice! For me it really is about finding the strength and connection between my mind and body. I often tell my students don’t quit until your physical body is done; because often our mind will want to wimp out when our physical body can do more, this is how I see a way to push the limits. Find the TULA.

If running is my Prozac(and I believe it is!) then yoga is my Xanax! Lol
Getting back to teaching daily has made a world of difference in my life!
Every time I teach I relearn the lessons too!:)

This weeks class was focused on the Delicious!(Aliyah’s giggles ins[ired this lesson) Plus, I just love that word being a foodie! Judy one of my besties is taking my Beach class on Saturdays…she uses this word alot and is inspiring me to be an even better teacher:) In case you missed it?!

THE LESSONS Questions: Imagine the Feeling of “your life is SO delicious!”
What inspires delicious in your life? How do you define delicious?
What is delicious in your world? Not Just foods, but experiences, people, memeories… How can we make a pose more delicious?
I invited my students to focus on the deliciousness that is their practice, breath, and personal Loves/Hobbies! And in doing so I found all that was delicious around me as well…I regained most of my Tula(balance)in this week all because of Yoga (and inspiring students!)
Yoga Saved Me…OM Namah Shiyaya OM Shanti


***Post Pardum Mood Swings (even mild versions) should be addressed with diet, exercise and discussed with your MD if needed!

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