101 Days of Joy 2013: Day 1

Decide to live with joy. Give YOU …permission to extract joy from any situation you’re in…good or bad even. Joy is everywhere, in everything…you just have to look for it. Don’t reject joyous things. Know YOU deserve JOY! Use the right side of your mind to daydream JOY in it’s absence…let Vibrant color make your world!

Enjoyment: receiving keen satisfaction from…

Today this 5 things that brought you JOY…enjoyment!
Try to look for 5 things daily.

My List:
1) Aliyah’s morning Smile…it lights the (my) universe…truly!
2) Catching up with friends
3) my doll from Tam
It’s called a Daruma Doll. You set a goal, paint one eye, when you reach your goal, you get to paint in the other eye.
4) planning this blog mission
5) time with Sher today


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