30 Days of Meditation:Day 1

meditationThe 1st Documented yoga poses were in c.3800-1800 found in ruins of NW India. It depicts 5 Seated Poses.
These were most likely poses showing meditation, prayer and community gatherings.
I think these are often the most challenging poses to master.
It is 2013 and I struggle now more then ever with sitting still, doing -well NOTHING-well is hard!!! This has always been a tough one for me…I remember dreading my 1hr mandatory meditation sessions in my 2001 teacher training. Honestly I’ve always felt lazy doing nothing. I blame my mom…lol…I was raised so Type A. She does yoga now too, and still does not sit still…except in class.
I want Aliyah to have a fighting chance…hehe…and so today we started our 30 days of meditation for March early. I am even forgoing my am Starbucks runs 3 days a week to get in the habit of slowing down in the mornings. Just chilling at home…it was perfect…we had nice hot breakfast, strolled around the block in the breeze, and Aliyah got to watch me exercise. She loves it and her joyous laugh makes every burpee/lunge/etc worth it!

After my run/lifting I told my lil one we’d have 3 mins of quiet sitting.
She does not yet understand, but she did sit quietly with me as I took deep breathes and relaxed my tight muscles.
It was 3 minutes of bliss…that’s all I ask of you for day one.

Let go of the outside world for just 3 mins.
Sit up tall and comfortably somewhere quiet.
Rest your palms on your knees.
Take deep breathes in through the nose allowing your belly to become round.
Exhale completely through the nose drawing the navel into the spine.

If your mind wanders(and it will!)…gently draw it back to the body with a single word
Repeat this mantra to yourself to retain your center as you meditate and breathe.

If you don’t LOVE it, don’t give up yet…

Join me over the next 30 days as we embrace these ancient poses and make a habit of slowing down.  It gets more comfortable each time you meditate.

 And don’t for get you can join us now Saturday mornings in Florida on the beach for 1 hour class.
Register for 5 classes and the  6th is free…Saluting the Sun has never been so SWEET!


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