101 Days of Joy 2013: Day 2

Having a child does not define a parent…anyone can make a baby. (sadly)
This job requires JOY as much as Love!
Being a parent fills you with purpose and an unconditional feeling of love that can hardly be expressed in words.

I, myself was not sure I’d ever have a child and well THANK Goodness I did! My daughter has brought me such Joy!
I’ve embraced my role as a mommy so easily…I feel younger, kinder and she truly inspires me daily to be an even better more joyous me!

I’m not saying to rush out and make a baby…lol…I’m saying it is a joy bucket lister for sure if you like making a difference in the world!

Today make a list of the qualities or talents you’d share with your future/current lil one…

Aliyah and I:
Watercolor Paint
Lay on beach
Have Pedicures

And that’s just the beginning of many years if JOY!



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