101 Days of Joy: Day 5 Stand for Something!

Divine cookies 229 

What qualities to you hold to? Set your life commandments…Define your personal commandments or standards by which you can live your best life with JOY!
What adages and principles do you want to follow that you feel define who you are?
Today list 10 positive rules or commandments you will follow with JOY!

Here are mine!
1) Be Honest 1st to self and Genuine to others
2) Share my talents
3) Speak with Kindness…or don’t speak
4) Remember no body is perfect
5) SMILE lots!
6) Be Creative
7) move lots!
8) Look for the Good…there is always good
9) daydream often and make lots of them come true
10) take nothing for granted

xo Skinny

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