30 Days of Meditation: Day 4 Check Yourself with a Daruma Doll?!

I am really judgmental?! It’s a horrible trait! I can admit this about myself even though I am far from proud. Today I decided to use my meditation practice to practice “Checking myself” so to speak…
What was I wasting energy on that I did not want to hold on to or obsess about? This question started with a gift that caused me to stop and wonder what is a goal or challenge I’d like to set for myself?
My friend Tamara sent me a Buddhist Daruma doll. This is a small hollow doll that has no eyes…you paint one eye setting an intension…and when you let go of your obsession or meet your goal, etc. your get to paint the other eye. The doll is then a kept as a reminder.

I found this lil doll unleashed big contemplation, this meditation has been in my thoughts for days now! I am really hard on myself…I judge myself daily physically, by how much I can finish or accomplish, by what I eat…and on and on. It is an exhausting trait somedays…

And then my A HA! moment…This like all other aspects of life is a choice and so my Daruma Doll and this meditation led me to a goal.
I want to let go of my ideas of what I should be and just be me.

Even if you are Darumaless I invite you to practice this meditation on paper. Write a goal…once you are achieving that goal…Post a sign or buy yourself a prize as a reminder.


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