30 Days of Meditation: Days 5-12 Minutes Alone with Purpose

divine 629I chose to not do things just for the sake of doing them anymore. I take time to meditate on life and what I’m doing and I try to only do it if there is meaning behind it.
My Mantra This Week: Don’t be afraid to quit the things that don’t serve your path!

This mantra technique is adding calm and joy to my life beyond what I could describe. In the past I tried to do it all and beat myself up if I could not.
In my personal life I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Becoming a mom has shifted my focus and is making me a more tolerant present person. My social life is full of those things and people I enjoy the most (really it is all I have time for)!
It is liberating to allow myself happiness!
Each day this week I took caution to live with the intention of living in the moment, doing what just flowed.
I exercised at leisure(taking on a push up challenge, but taking the day off…it is my rest day). I spent lots of time cuddling Aliyah nothing is better then this! I took a vaca from focusing on my future goals and enjoyed the days as they came.
Goals are important! Hugely! But after reading an excellent article on goals vs intentions and then teaching a lecture on self value I came to realize slowing down was starting to feel natural and well…HAPPY…It is just where I fit right now!
I don’t know that doing less is what is intended for me, but daily meditation…time to just be is suiting me just fine I’m truly grateful for this practice”)

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