30 Days of Joy 6,7,8,9,10 Keep Moving to Find Joy

divine 210Hello, Good Morning, I’m fresh off the treadmill and I feel SO much better today…on the days I skip a run…Self Sabotage?? I think so.
This last 5 days I have filled my life with MOVEMENT…PURE JOY!
Yoga, Push up Challenges, Lifting and Runs…It is the best my physical body has felt post baby. I just got in a run, my first 10 push ups of the day, a few pigeons to protect my back post run and later I teach yoga:)

I spent a little time last night rereading my posts in 2011. I offen do this, because it was the most fit time in my life…PRE Aliyah. Having a baby is hard on the body and I have not cut my emotional self much slack these last almost 5 months.
Today after a great work, and play weekend I am feeling recharged, and ready to take on my fit filled week with JOY!

So that’s it…Dance, Yoga, Run, BOX…whatever you do if you move you’ll find JOY!

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