Can I get a LBD? LAZY BASTARD DAY! DAY 3-4 6/3-4/13

ImageSelf-Care Day 3-4

The last 2 days I felt a disconnect from the Be My Own Beloved workshop and MY life in general.
I did not make time to exercise(except a 10 minute Paddle…that I did not enjoy), I did not spend any time on new Self Care, and I have wasted energy on negative emotions too often this week!?!
URSULA…what is going on??

Self-Care Notes:
Day 3 Love Languages was not very helpful in my growth, because to the best of my understanding it simply repeated Day 2…Still I took the 5 Love Languages Quiz…I am a Affirmations girl(well duh!)…And YES I am still trying to focus on REST…So much so I took a half day off”) On Monday…
It just is not good enough!
Leonie Dawson recommends a LBD(Lazy Bastard Day!)
I’m SO going to schedule this in this coming week as part of my self care…and hope to make it a ritual for Aliyah to enjoy too”)

Day 4 seemed to revert us back to Day 1…asking for simple Self Care small moments…I think I have this part down?! Finally, something I do! So maybe I’m not so far from great self-care as I thought?!
Am I doing the right workshop?! Lol
…As I sip my morning java and keep my journal via
Striving for amazing in life and work daily…the lil moments I can handle, embrace and enjoy!”) 

Today I got to spend a lot of time with Aliyah, Had a great visit with my visiting Chef friend Jeremy…of, and made a yummy lentil soup for dinner just because:) by days end I felt like I was returning to myself.

It is the big picture I’ve lost control of all to often…I am truly blessed!
So, I intend to continue with my self-care journey, but meanwhile back at the ranch…I am still searching for some other path to Tula(balance) my mind and body!

Recommendations for workshops would be appreciated!


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