Day 1 Self Care Workshop 6/1/13

I’m starting my Self-Care workshop today. I am totally stoked to be on this new journey.
In the past I was great with this…taking lots of time to blog, exercise, try new recipes, sit in my courtyard sipping my coffee and painting.
As a new mommy…who also works(a lot) I find this has become SO much harder!
I find balance weekly…daily balance is my goal!
This week: I did manage to paint a new dolphin for Aliyah’s wall of Sea Creatures (it looks great!) and I ran 3 miles @ 10:50 pace (pretty decent) but that is all I squeezed in this week!? 2 days of fun activities that refuel my soul.

I wanted to get back into the habit of REAL me time and I thought this workshop was a perfect fit!

So today is day one. I’m tasked to review a list of past or current things I do to create self care. I hope to get into a better routine again as I follow this workshops recommendations over the next 14 days.

Self Care List 1
Listing my Happies Daily
Yoga (as a student)
Bubble baths
Running Beach
Practicing Hannibal 4 King WO
Learning Ukelele
Sticker Making
Shopping Home goods Thrifting
Making Cards
Following a Meal Plan
Visiting or catching up with Friends near and far
Breakfast and farmers market

WOW! I knew it was gonna be a good list, but I had to stop myself…lol…I’d like to fit in at least one item a week and each item 2x a month”)
This should be easier, but in my world life must be scheduled.
I’m off to start a busy day of demoing and running around, but I’ll set an intention to do one thing on this list when my work day is over.


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