How Do You Feel About Self-Care Day 2 6/2/13

Self Care Day 2

What words feel like Self Care to you? This question could have SO many answers, but I supposed to find the word that will be hardest for me.
That made it easy! Rest…I find it so hard to Rest! I’m a fast paced, hard working, crazy type A…even as a Yoga teacher I have found it so hard to just Rest!

If I’m being honest…and that is the point, right? Resting makes me feel lazy, anxious, and well…not rested…lol.
I laugh, but I guess truly it’s sad that I do this to myself.

I want very much to be a shining example of happiness and good self esteem for Aliyah. My current life style is more chaotic and angry:( Fail!

It is my goal to complete these 14 days with a new understanding of Rest.


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