Lots of Long Days…5/25/13


Something has got to Give!

Work has been just plain Bananas lately! I am the busiest I’ve ever been and the phone just keeps ringing, and the emails keep coming. (it’s a blessing and a curse)!
My life is in a constant state of chaos and flux. In my 20s I thought this feeling was invigorating. Now it is just STRESS, and I’ve not done a very good job of balancing lately.
Aliyah has my best! Work has my best!
Working out only happens when I am teaching”( My hubby and I are like ships crossing(fighting constantly when we speak)…And well Tommy…he barks, I scream…it’s a nightmare.
I’m at that point I’ve visited my times in my life before…the something’s gotta give!
And today it did…I ran!!! Exercise has been my saying grace so often in life…innumerable times I have used exercise to help me through hard times. If only I had more time for it…for anything I love?!

I’m really at a place of un-sureness.

So today I ran and I registered for a Self Care Workshop!
More on this to come…

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