Days 5-7 SelfCare Workshop “I’m Worthy of it All!”

divine 050Friday morning I left Aliyah with the lovely Katie and went back to Yoga (as a student). This adventure was euphoric!!!
I call it an adventure not because she’d never been left before, but because my mind actually let go of my worry for her too.
Day 7 of Self Care camp asked us to feel our Worthiness. And on Friday I did and met Shara at Simply for my favorite class with Joy.
Just to recap a little: I have been much better with a lot of my items. I cooked us breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday/ Made Aliyah mini Popsicles with her now mold/A Jelly Fish Art for her wall/I have been showering a lil slower/I even had a vodka tonic with Sher Friday night”)
I am enjoying these last days journals more as well.
Day 5 Asked us to really evaluate what energizes or drains us. I sure most of us know this things…but it help to see it on paper.

Energize Me
•Making Art
•Playing with Aliyah
•Cooking for Fun/Family
•Sex/or Cuddling with Sher
•A Bubble Bath(with Lush goodies)

Drain Me
•Billing and Any $ Part of My Business
•Negative Friends
•Feeling Obligated
•Too much Driving
•Over full Schedules
•Bad Weather
•Messy House

The part of this workshop that I have been terrible with is the photographing myself?!
Guess I will make a go of it this 2nd week.”)
Day 6 was all about something we’ve chatted about at length, being your own friend. Taking time to treat yourself as you would a good friend.
Who knows u better then u after all?
Vivienne invited us to write a letter to ourselves. I took this time to make my 2013 Amazing Year Goal List(never to late)
2013 Goals

•3 Day Trips(see Christina M, Tami, Go to St Augustine)
•Savor School (Starts June 17th)
•Go on a Retreat
•LBD(@ least 3 Lazy Bastard Days)
•Book 2 Gigs in Nola, BRla

Fun Times and Friendship:
•Set more Playdates with Aliyah
•Meet Claudia in Nola in Dec
•Take at least 2 Weeks of Vacation
•Have @ least 40 people at my tasting
•Release my Cookbook
•Make a New Friend or Two
•Build a Real Business Posse (network of powerful-woman)
•Continue to Journal/Blog

Family, Happiness, Home Life:
•Weekly Date Night
•Write Aliyah 5 Letters Before December
•Family Dinner Night(At table)
•Take Aliyah to Park, Zoo, and SEAquarium
•Spend 2 Weeks in Louisiana in December
•Register Aliyah for 2 Classes
•Cook More For Us

•Film Yoga(BoTiYo)
•Make Holiday Cooking Video Tutorial
•Make Aliyah an Outfit for her Birthday
•Make some Jewelry(got stuff need practice)
•Create 2014 Biz Calendar by Oct 1
•3 Art Dates
•Find great new Music
•Do a Workshop or 3

•2x a week Run
•2x week Train
•1x a week try something new(barre, crossfit, etc)
•Do DailyYoga /Meditation
•Sing to Aliyah Daily
•Log my Happies

Now I’m even more inspired to get to these items.
Off to Yoga…Namaste’


Chef Ursula Rafer RYT CPT
For Chef Services
For BloomYoga

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