Self Care Sum Up…Starting to Savor!!!


My Daily Self Care plan has come together over the last few days…in-spite of having emergency surgery to have my appendix out”) I was actually forced to rest and retreat to my writing…I’m not one for breaks, but life often gifts you what you need when you need it?!

My Non-Negotiables of my Self Care…or things I commit to daily”)

Drink Lots of Water
Floss Daily
Spend Time Cleaning Up after I do a task
Brushing my Hair day/night
Blog/Gratitude List
Cook for Us…Eat well
Feel Good about how I dress
Hug Aliyah/Sher/Tommy

I completed all these today as I type this!

My Weekly/Monthly goals took a bit more effort.

Now I’m all about getting started on Manifest Method classes or Savor school…GIVE< GIVE< GET!
VIA it starts today…And with Posse in tow…I could not be more excited or motivated to get to my Tula(balance) and a 7 figure status with these talented ladies!!!
Check out:

So let's get started!
Week one goal: Intros, Set a goal and check in with POSSE by Friday. My goal set up my time blocks and actually use them.
The set up was easy and done!
The using part…oh my…I am really gonna try: Marketing?!?
I'm unsure of what this means for me…I have some things in place, but I'd like to market without spending additional money…
So I suppose a mind map is in order…
This was a great tool I gained in week 9 of my self care workshop.

Great explanation on

I am eager to welcome my posse and watch Angela's 1st video:) And hopefully get cleared by the MD tomorrow to return to work and KEEPING SKINNY!


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