Savor School: The Manifest Method

I’m not gonna lie…I love to daydream…journal…make dreamy lists, books and boards! I am after all an artist 1st!
Savor school started and…Yesterday I was assigned the task of listing things I savor?!
The point of this…to figure out what it is I’m working SO hard for anyway…
To Pay Bills…but really what did I want out of my future dream life.
This list came together quick, as did my dreamy posse of accountability…and I think it is helping.
Natashi wrote a stellar blog yesterday, Monique and I chatted about her great camping travels these past 2 weeks(network building is an obsession now!) and I am happy to report Aline joined in on the fun today.
As for me…I’m blogging 2 days in a row…WHAT WHAT…and although the MD says I need to wait two more weeks before I yoga/run I am following through on all my lesson, keeping to my time blocking and feeling on top of the universe!

Manifesting…Give,Give,Get…Angela may have created a monster…hehe!

Namaste Y’all

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