Time Blocking ROCKS!

divine 016

It’s 3:11pm and my whole time block task list is complete! Oh, my that is freaking exciting!!!! Never underestimate the power of a great schedule?!
I’m a lil curious as to why I never tried time blocking before??!!
Savor School is already motivating me…as are my posse…Sweet to help others and myself all at once.

And asking for help…a big bonus…of having this network of business geniuses!
I’ve been a lil lackluster in the creative dept. so I enlisted Monique of antisparkle.com to give me additional creative homework.
She suggested I try dumping my brain in the am…sort of freestyle writing, doodling…whatever happens to pop up!
I have taken this one step further, decided to try it at my coffee meet up in the midst of chaos in the morning and on an art teaching pad…so if I get stuck I doodle the lesson.
Nothing earth shattering came of it this 1st time, but I’m gonna give it 12 weeks just like the Manifest Method! Anything worth having is real WORK!!!!!

My BIG challenge today is my yoga class…I decided to teach because well…that is what pays the bills, but I’m not supposed to be a pretzel again for another 3 weeks(lol, Sob inside)
I live for exercise…but today’s class will truly be about my students…for my students(yes, as it well should be)…but no demo poses?…no asanas for me? It’s not my usual…But I’m going with the flow…After all that is why I became a Yogini in the 1st place. OM SANTI!


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