Productive with a Side of Long Hot Shower

I’m all about being authentic…maybe to a fault sometimes!
So the truth is I was SO sad yesterday…it was the kind of day that only a long run could fix…and I’m not allowed yet. I did not blog, I barely got my other todo tasks done and I had a half-ass kind of attitude. (Yucky!)
I am trying really hard to accept and be patient with my body(or the md requests) but I’m a runner…running is my fix! It is so funny to think of how much I used to dread these runs…now I’m addicted!

And SO…let the week to running countdown begin!”) Fixated much Ursula? Hehe…but really I am counting down!

So today I started fresh, talked through these problems and I’d love to take credit for my mood improvement…but it was with several amazing pep talks from my posse girls, my worlds best hubby, the amazing Katie Reilly who helps with Aliyah, and my stellar assistant Sheeda Wallerson that today was productive…
And I even got a 20 min quiet hot shower to boot!

I’m not an island…I’m not only a rumner…thank good I know it and have the wonderful…can’t live without…support team!

Many Thanks!

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