The Amature Blogger

Hello and all other Viewers!

Armature blogger is my status as of right now, but I am ready to take this world in full force and hope to become an entertaining & inspirational blogger to many! So I will start by giving you a little background on the writer… Me! My name is Rasheeda Wallerson, I am a 23-year-old first generation American woman. My mother is from Barbados and my father from Guyana (South America). Me, I’m from New York but now live in Florida… And loving it! Food, culture, health, and family are most important to me. I will like to use my blog as a positive outlet. I have been on a journey with taking on a healthier life style, in many different areas of my life. Some days are easier then others, just like balance it will come and go, you just have to keep at it 🙂


I recently started working for Divine Dining with Chef Ursula Rafer and couldn’t be happier! Everything I am passionate about i.e. cooking (now healthier way of cooking), fitness/yoga, and coordinating events are some examples of what I do with her! These are all aspects that have made huge influences in my life. They have all played at part in who I am personally & professionally today. I have been in this industry now for 8 years. I’ve tried other outlets that I have been interested in, but find my self gravitated back to the food & bev. Industry. While in pursuit of obtaining my MBA in Hospitality in September, my prior experience, and what I am going to learn from Ursula; I believe will set us up for even more success! I am deepening my knowledge in an industry I am already aware of and excited to have a CAREER doing what I love!

What I’ve learned/reinforced since my journey has started:
1. Have a great mentor to help with the process
2. Breathing techniques are essential!
3. Prioritize so you have time for you

More to come on these posts! I will love to share recipes, exercises, & healthy alternatives I learn along the way!!

Overly excited!

One thought on “The Amature Blogger

  1. I’m so excited you have invited us to join you on your journey by creating this blog! I’m your excited 775th subscriber! Onward and upward!!

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