It’s A Balancing Act


Today I got up early took Aliyah for a 1.5 mile run, made her hummus, kale and Peach popsicles, made Sher and I breakfast, made a huge pot of lentils, then popped over to see a friend for her birthday… is was a Perfect Morning! I felt productive, and so happy to be caring for my self and family in this way.

The last few weeks I have been working with my Creative Accountability Posse and Savor’s Manifest Method School to try to find some work/life balance. Boy, it has been a Wild and Crazy ride!!! I feel like something is always suffering. I am debating letting go of part of my services I offer.

After some journaling today…
Here’s what I have learned about myself:
1) I am much happier when the people I surround myself with are positive and driven(my posse rocks)
2) I am no longer willing to settle or help those who can’t help themselves(letting go of draining jobs, clients and people does not make me selfish…makes me smart!”)
3) Money is great, but it is not a driving factor for me…JOY is
4) Finishing my bachelors degree is very important to me…I want to do some research about this Monday
5) exercise has to be my daily #2 priority after my Family
6) Taking time for Arts and Crafts is healing
7) I’ll survive anything in business
8)Any day I run and put me 1st is a good day”)



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