What Will You Be When You Grow Up?!?


Running 2 days in a row!?! What?!

I’d be totally stoked if my lower back had not given me such grief…My period, Big Milk Boobs…my surgery still healing…WTF! My mind is dying for a daily run, but the truth is my body is not ready for it”( Bummer! I’ll keep trying though…or learning, listening…
Ok, enough wining…lol
I’m excited that in addition to this run, I had a great day! I’m working really hard to make my days great! Empowering thoughts!!!
Happy SUNDAY!!!
 Coffee with Christina S and Aliyah, fun at my nephew’s 6th birthday, cleaning house, drawing and some of my savor homework is finally done”)
Vision boards are a passion of mine…No Secret…but specifics…Like What are you going to actually be when u grow up Ursula?!?
Oh, my…I love SO many things, but once they feel like work?!?
peace out! Lol…
So I am hoping these assignments help me hone in on talents and a plan for 5 Years in the future?!? Yikes! That is a short/long time…hehe…so here I go!
See below:
Description of my DREAM JOB:
1)allows me lots of time with Aliyah and Sher
2)keeps me exercising
3)affords me travel
4)$100,000 a yr plus take home
5)allows me to teach/help others
6)something my heart leaps with
What do you see as your dream job?
I think this is a great assignment! I am not one for just going through the motions…I want to LIVE to the FULLEST in all parts of life! I want to DREAM Huge and Follow through…so I’m off to do part 2 of my lessons.
Til mañana…


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