We Can All Be Happy

It has been my goal for some time to do 100 days of Positive Activities again. I can’t remember anytime I felt more balanced then when I did these practices in 2011. 

I was in the midst of planning to get preggers and building a plan for my Hybrid Yoga classes…I was full of energy and JOY!  I miss that feeling! Having Aliyah in my world is amazing and busy, finding a creative group I can really bounce ideas off of is wonderful, but inside of myself I’ve been lacking something. Something I remember having before and loving.
Everyday this week I have exercised and eaten well, but my mind and emotional self are lack luster and unsatisfied. My thoughts are often not powerfully positive, and I am not present except when I am with Aliyah.
My Savor 5 year plan still sits half blank.
My immediate need for extra cash flow is holding back my creative flow and want for bigger things. Instead of beating myself up about this shift backward I am going to try again!
SO…I surrender to my need for guided positive thoughts. I know we sometimes have to relearn the same tools over and over and over.
Tomorrow we begin a new…Join me for the next 100 days as we learn or relearn the path to positive empowering thoughts.
Change your thougts change your life! 

2 thoughts on “We Can All Be Happy

  1. I read your article in the “First For Women” magazine. I would love to know what kind of Amino Acid with glutamine you speak of. I have checked around various places like Vitamin Shoppe & Healthy Living store & none of them help for energy and making us feel better..

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