Come On Get Happy…Being Positive Takes Practice…

This morning I woke up at 6:30am (pretty much the standard here) nursed Aliyah and then watched her play on the little peace rug in her room. She was the definition of positive attitude. At 9 months and 5 days the world is hers…she gets excited about empty water bottles, her mermaid artwork I’ve painted her, her books, but yes mostly the empty Ethos bottle…it’s clear, it sounds neat when she hits it…to her it is SO cool.
Thinking like Aliyah, on a very basic level made it easy for me to see JOY and positives everywhere. When you see Positive…you can’t help, but speak and think positive.
Day 1: Use positive words!
Today tell yourself and others positive empowering things. When your mind starts to drag you down…reframe the thought to make it positive. There is always SOMETHING to be happy about…even if it’s as simple as a water bottle”)
List positives throughout the day…post them as a reminder!
Ursula and Aliyah<a

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