Day 2: No More Negatives!!!

ImageSomedays are more challenging…no one has it blissfully easy everyday…staying in a positive frame of mind is a choice.  I woke to a super unhappy stomach…all night I was using positive thoughts in hopes I could wish it away. Alas, I’m not a magician or fairy god mother…lol!

The body knows what it needs and sometimes it just needs rest and to purge itself of toxins…and so today I’m a lil sick. 
It is ok though, I know it could be worse…I’m grateful it will pass quickly, I have a warm bed to snuggle up in, I could think of endless reasons this is still a good day! Like spending the whole day with the happy Ms. Aliyah!!!
That is the point of these exercises to gain the ability to make use of whatever life is…in any given moment…in a positive joyous way!
Day 2: Push Out Negative Emotions!
I know; right, TOUGH! 
Yesterday I watched a great video on fear. I always thought of fear as a negative emotion. The Guru said, “Smile at Fear, get so close to it…” What??!! “Yes, so you become better because of it”
It really made sense to me…anytime I face a fear, I feel empowered…my thoughts become empowered!
Today I was going to do the 99 again…It was scary once and I was eager to feel that success again! It will have to wait til my physical body is better…
In it’s place I decided to revert back to 2011 tasks…
1) Let Go of a Negative Person, place or idea in your life
2) clean a negative or cluttered space
3) right 3 positive affirmations about physical parts of you
I’ll be posting my 3 journal notes later…Share yours below too!
Keep Positive…Smile at Negatives and then release them!
Ursula and Aliyah

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