Day 3…Friends


Well, You Gotta Have Friends!
So I am obsessed with research ever since I started the Savor Manifest Method and my posse. These ladies are incredible…truly I can’t say enough about them!!! Or can I?
Which gives me an idea…but for another post…or posts!
These ladies got me thinking about friendship and I stumbled on this great article:

I have all the right kind of influences in my world”) And not just girls either…
1. Someone Who is Older—and Wiser—Than You…
Sue Celi, Judy Gozlan and Larry Sands are my morning council (I bounce life, business and just plain goofey ideas off them all the time), they are beyond great Aunts/Uncle to Aliyah too and 3of the funniest people I know…besides which Larry shared his daughter with me…which brings us to #2…
2. Someone Who is Younger Than You
Truly I know SO many amazing young people!!!
But Stephanie, Leigh, Sheeda and Jeremy hold special places on this list.
I’m inspired by all the do, want and are brave enough still to go and get.
3. Someone Who Has a Different Home Culture Than You
Ok, SO it is pretty obvious this is the most important section to me…
Where would I be without Sam, Christina or Patzi…most of my besties are from other lands…Claudia, Aline, Judy…
Sam and I have been friends since I was 15, Christina and I have been friends since she was 15…and Patzi
is like my sister from another…well country”)
They are SO the same as me at their cores and SO different in where/how they were raised”)
4. Someone Who Holds a Different Worldview
Believe it or not I gotta say my hubby and soul mate is this friend.
Sometimes we SO do not think alike.
But he makes me better everyday and his differences compliment mine. Plus we make perfect babies. Lol
I love him SO much!
Last,but not least…
5. Someone Just Next Door
Thank God for these…
My literal neighbor Evelyne…all my S Bux Chicas…especially Katie who now helps with my most prized friend(Aliyah)…my FB Friend (turned real friend) Cathy (I know you are not insulted by this…keep those positive posts coming)…and might I add a 6th…
6. Childhood Friends
This was not part of this article, but seriously who knows a girl better then the people she giggled with, shared future dreams with and can still call friend as an old lady!?!
Miranda, Natashi, Elizabeth and of course my John and Marietta…SO grateful I can still call ya’ll friend!
Bottom line…very easy to be positive with amazing friends like these!!! Do you have someone in each area in your world?


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