Day 6: Positive Activities Skinny Wallet Bliss

I’m wildly rich right now…NO I have not won the lottery!  I have a beautiful mellow almost 10 month old daughter, a husband who supports my dreams, work and even silly art projects, a family that I can always turn to or giggle with, an un countable about of friends(not just acquaintances, but true friends), I’ve traveled, learned trades and lessons, taught yoga,positivity and cooking…

I could continue; my riches are not endless $$$, still they are endless.
I think a lot of times in life we are driven by $$$, or feel like we are our bank accounts.
 It is sad to me to think that people have SO much, and yet can’t be positive or grateful. I am making the least $ I’ve made in years and I am blissful full”)
It’s great to have nice things, be able to buy things, travel lots or eat in fancy places. The bigger GREAT thing is to have love and happiness in your life and health for your family. True Gratitude can propel a positive attitude.
Day 6: What are you truly grateful for?! 
What is in your life that you can’t attach a $$$ value to?!
How will you enjoy today with love and Joy?

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