The Never Ending Blog Or Days 7-10 Positive Activites


Ok…So this was Wednesday…I’m a little behind!! Sometimes life is just too great, busy, or nutty to post…


Aliyah and I ran 3 miles this morning.  I have a new sense of fitness pride/drive since she entered my world. And she loves to ride in her jog stroller to see new sights.

Oh; of course, I run for me…to burn calories, to stay sane, but she is inspiring me more and more to be a strong example of fitness bliss.
15 days of good workouts in a row!
So I’d say I’m back!!! YES!!!
Meanwhile, Sher and I both have committed to keeping junk food out of our house completely…still a few baby pounds to trim(him too…hehe)
 I have always tried to eat clean, but he loves his snacks…and my healthy versions…were his aversions…until just recently.  Having him on board has allowed me to cut out my vanilla soy(this is huge for me!) In the last 3 days I’ve lost 2 pounds and many inches just from this one (not so simple) change.
I am hating every minute of my black iced coffee drinking…lol…that is me being positive”)
Eating well makes exercising that much easier, and why kick that workout into high gear if you are just gonna eat junk?
This is something I have struggled with as a foodie for a long time…balance is key.
Lots of exercise: Smart, yettasty eating”)
Now it is Saturday! Sweet Sweet Saturday!
“Dragon Fly Yoga” as Judy called it…boy was it! Those lil flying beauties were everywhere…Yoga in nature(even when it is SO hot) like today is just on another level.
Being outside, taking in fresh ocean air…I truly wish my only $$$ job was to teach yoga on the beach.
It is really shaping up to be quite a good day. Aliyah and I cleaned her room, took care of laundry, made a yummy breakfast(she is loving her eggies)…
This afternoon is the re-Grand Opening of my little brother’s business…and I am getting a girls night after to celebrate Christina’s Bday with her…SO much to be positive about!!!
Ok…here it goes quick catch up:
Days 7-10
Day 7: Be Wise and Wild: Think things through, but have fun too!
My example this week is my Posse, I’m spending lots of time dreaming big with them, and yet lots of practical time…reading, planning and marketing.
Day 8: Trust in your success!
Hard one…lately I struggle, I can see all my successes in the past, but feel anxious to get things back to where they were pre Aliyah(with my business drive)…instead I need to seize the change, find all the beauty in this new form of busy”) 
Truly, I love having the flexibility to keep Aliyah with me while working…it makes it fun!
And my workshops are definitely leading me to new horizons”)
9. Forgive Yourself!
I forgive myself for still not getting this post up…lol
10. Learn and Move on…
I have learned to set my priorities…Last night we went out to support my Brother at the grand opening”) 
And this am (SUNDAY/Funday) we got to the beach to paddle before the rain”) Aliyah is loving the ocean and it is a great free family activity.
True positive attitude comes from doing what serves your happiest self first.  Set your priorities and let your joy guide you to positive activities!

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