Day 11 Positives: Is This Really MY Life?!

Day 11…Is This Really My Life??

Today was Stellar! Like an old school KeepingSkinny day…
I was sharing with a posse member this afternoon”I used to really inspire myself…2011 posts I truly reread and feel SO like working out and doing BIG things.”
Lately I had been feeling a little deflated…After I had the C-section and then my appendix out?!? I was not feeling very strong or skinny.
Today Aliyah and I jogged again(2 miles with 1 mile walk, I taught yoga at the clinic and then we went Antiquing with Rebecca…Oh and ate amazing veggie burgers.
It got me thinking by days end “Is This My Life?” 
Beautiful Happy Baby
Amazing Friends
Fitness at the Front of My World Again…
And a Veggie Burger to Boot!
Wow! I’m a lucky girl! 
So,of course ; on great days it is easy to be positive.  Everyday I exercise is a great day!
Day 11: Move…Dance, Run, Swim, Bike, Yoga, Box…Do whatever you love or can learn not to hate!
The Skinny’s BackImage

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