Days Behind…14-17 updates


Days 14-15


What a long day! I have swung my mood at least half a dozen times…

I was SO tired this am I never thought I’d be able to shop, chef for 2 clients and deliver(all with Aliyah in toe). 
We were up at the crack of dawn 6:15am…a brief visit with friends at SBux, a pleasant trip to the Boys market(they have organics now”), lots of cooking and even more driving, I had to cancel a workout with an old friend and I had to run by the bank…that was just before noon (wow!) 
Needless to say…even more tired now…and today is day 2 of my 30 day push up challenge(a must for me!) 
…fell asleep! Lol
Day 14: Get Enough Rest! Nuff Said
It’s a new day! Friday…
Internal dialogue: “I don’t want to run…I should run…NO, I ran Mon/Wed…that’s good enough…Ok I am going!!!”
I honestly can’t remember regretting a run…EVER!
So off we went…3 miles, at my best mile time since I started pushing A”)
The started a perfect day! 
We met Andrea for a yummy veganator burger and goodwill shopping. 
Day 15: Keep Your Health and Fitness Routines Going
1) fact: yo-yoing is way more unhealthy than doing nothing
2) It makes you feel good…invincible on a hard day!
I Crafted, I Played, I Paddled…I had an all round awesome weekend.
*this week I got in 3 yoga sessions, a SUP yoga Session, a circuit, 3 runs, a distance paddle and MAD abs…not to mention functional training…YES!!!!!
I feel AMAZING, and Skinny”)
 Ursula”aka” Momma

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