Don’t Be A Burnout! Full Gorilla Girls! Day 18: Positives

“Full Gorilla Girl” if you resemble these words I won’t be talking about anything you don’t already know at your core.  It dawned on me when I started keeping skinny that some days I took great care of myself…exercise, eating to live, arts and crafts…things that really filled me up! Other times-Nada…or worse I’d try to do in a week what I should of spread out over a month…all because I could not stick with a plan.

Exercise is tough, but SO rewarding!
Eating well…I think that is for a whole other post, but BALANCE…is truly the key. FULL GORILLA GIRLS or GUYS burn out!
Monday I ran 4 miles with Aliyah in 42 min!!! Yay! 
Tuesday I worked 12 hours and hosted a 5 Star Dinner Party…
Wednesday nights I teach Yoga<3
…because I am no longer an all or Nada girl…Aliyah and I skipped our Wednesday run.
I LoVE 2 a days…3 a days even…depending on duration and intensity.
Wednesday it would not have served my body or my balance to run. I was tired from working on my feet Tuesday and wanted to give my all on the mat in my class”)
Days 18
Don’t Be a Burn Out! Don’t Go Full Gorilla!
Please don’t misinterpret this…give your all, but don’t run down your body or spirit trying to make up for lazy days…stay the course.
Tips for positive progress:
1)Plan a mini session for days you don’t want to.
2)Buddy System…I’ve said it 1000 times, but enlist a team mate
3)Journaling…hold yourself accountable
4)MAKE it FUN!!!


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