Day 19: Just Joy…Seek it!

A random list I found yesterday has me thinking…and let’s face it…when am I not thinking?!

Have I been too invested in things that don’t really matter??
I have wasted time stressing this week over my still disorganized messy closet, where will my next client come from, how I’ll send Aliyah to college…seriously I could ramble endlessly…I won’t! Lol
I took the day off to paint…my nails,canvas, my journal pages…I am now on a mission to complete this list: 
Day 19…Find lil things(projects, tasks, etc) that fill you with JOY!!!!

1) Take a break…I needed to mentally…it is hard as a mommy! Meditating is hardly a part of my world…I fall asleep when I do it now. Today was just what I needed!
2)Take a nap…I did, but only because I literally passed out!
3) Play a game…Ha! a What?!?
Aliyah and I bowled today”)
4)Commit to creating something absolutely, unbelievably terrible…I think my business qualifies right now…I am not into giving it extra effort right now and that is ok!
5)Scream at the top of your lungs…This one I have covered almost daily!! lol
6)Send love to the part of you that thinks everything you make is stupid…I truly don’t feel stupid…maybe lack luster!
7)Engage that part of you in a dialogue…a loving one where you listen and support it…Done!
8)Make a list of everything that is going on in your mind right now…Nightly Dump Qualifies!
9)DANCE PARTY! (Aliyah and I do this!) She loves booty shaking as do I!
To Be Continued…
10)Go to a museum. 
11)Read something amazing. 
12)Make yourself laugh. 
13)Watch your favorite movie. 
14)Get off of Facebook.
15)And twitter…Easy!
16)Try a new medium. 
17)Work with a coach. 
18)Or a healer. 
19)Or a therapist. 
20)Take a walk. 
21)Become a tourist in your own town. Stand on your head. 
22)Drink a big glass of water. 23)People watch and imagine what each person’s inner super power is. 24)Rearrange your furniture. 
25)Finger paint. 
26)Play with an animal. 
27)Try out a new medium.
28)Kiss someone lovely. 
29)Decide to take a mental health, not doing anything in particular day. 
30)Write with your non-dominant hand. 
31)Create a vision board. 
32)Read yourself a favorite book from your childhood. 
33)Go on a mission to find the most inspirational (to you) writers, artists, thinkers, beings! 
34)Watch a TED talk. 
35)Spend some time with an awesome kiddo. 
36)Have a piece of chocolate.
37)Do something that scares you. 38)Call a friend. 
39)Go on a photo scavenger hunt to find the 10 most awesome things you can. 
40)Talk to a stranger. 
41)Engage in a random act of kindness. 
42)Donate a few bucks to your favorite charity. 
43)Donate a few bucks to yourself. Daydream. 
44)Try on a pair of 6 inch platform stripper shoes (this works, seriously). 
45)Be of service. 
46)Create an affirmation… say it a few times today. 
47)Plan a fabulous trip (even if you don’t take it). 
48)Have an convo in your head with someone you admire.
49)Have an argument in your head with someone you disagree with. 50)Take the teeniest, tiniest step forward you can imagine. 
51)Clean and organize your space. 52)Make a fabulous mess. 
53)Play with glitter. 
54)Take a road trip (even an hour long cruise counts). 
55)Get all gussied up. 
56)Paint your face. 
57)Listen to your favorite music from high school. 
58)Strut around your house like you are a famous model. 
59)Flirt shamelessly. 
60)Try a new food. 
61)Tell someone what’s going on for you. 
63)Take a class in something new. 64)Complete a project that has remained incomplete. 
65)Ask The Universe for assistance. Meditate. 
66)Take yourself out on a date. 67)Write a letter to your greatest fear. 
68)Commit to something grand and wild (for me it was a Year of Outrageous Living!). 
69)Share something that you know to be true. 
70)Ask someone if they could use some of your assistance. 
71)Watch this speech by Art Williams. 
72)Edit, revise, redo! Sing as loud as you can. 
73)Declare your block complete, whatever that means to you. 
74)Do something, anything, that is absolutely full of pleasure. 
75)Write down the limits you have placed on yourself and then burn the list. 
76)Ask yourself, “What are you waiting for?” 
77)Ponder if you really need to wait. 
78)Find the shapes in the clouds. 79)Ask for an omen. 
80)Go on a search for the perfect quote. 
81)Or cup of coffee. 
82)Take a delicious, deep breath. 83)Take another one. 
85)Spend a full 5 minutes appreciating yourself. 
86)Caress your skin. 
87)Take a few moments to ground and center your Self. 
88)Set your intention. Chant. 
89)Do something kind for someone you love. 
90)Write yourself a love letter.
91)Set the intention to receive a gift of love from The Universe. 92)See what happens. 
93)Clean out your closets. 
94)Admit that you don’t know what the future holds… and you never did. 
95)Brainstorm the possibilities. Image

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