Day 20: Do Nice Things! Aug 12th-18th, 2013

Today Aliyah and I ran 2.5″) Helped a friend in need…And visited with Claudia and her family…a great day… 
Day 20: Do Nice Things…
Anytime I do Nice things for my body(run, yoga, etc), others and in general I feel positive and fulfilled”)
Today look for ways you can help others…And something nice for you!
As for our Joys List: this last week…
10)Go to a museum…Working on creating our own…until Aliyah can better Appreciate it”) Today we made hand print Sun Shines.
11)Read something amazing…taking suggestions! And read Runner’s World Age Guide..2 magazines, a yoga class schedule.
12)Make yourself laugh…HAHA
13)Watch your favorite movie…
Wow…Hmmmm…French Kiss?! Monday Night!!
14)Get off of Facebook…Yes Please! Monthly Fast Soon.
15)And twitter…Easy! Never on it!
16)Try a new medium…CLAY!!! YAY!
17)Work with a coach…starting next Week”)


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