Day 21: Get Out of A Rut


I have to admit I like my creature comforts as much as the next person…I feel my biggest comfort is that I have a routine and constants that I seldom change.
I run MWF, I wear my hair up, I dress in yoga pants, I drink Starbucks Decaf(daily), I go to the same Yoga class…usually even the same teacher…And I adore these things.
But change is good…change is in fact a constant and an adventure…
So this week I mixed it all up…
Braided my hair
New Yoga Classes…New Teachers…New Students…
Running on different days…
I made coffee, tea and grapefruit water at home….
I started a home yoga practice again<3 I treated myself like a client and made meals for just me”)
I feel refreshed, renewed and as one of my besties pointed out “Feeling Shiny Again”!
Day 21: Get Out of a Rut
Even if it is as simple a change as driving a new route…change it/shake it up…
Who knows what this change might bring?! “)

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