30 Days 30 Gurus Day 3: Removing Stress


I read a great article today about avoiding stress-5 ways…all things I knew…move, breathe, etc…

It was the way stress was described as just “a thought” that struck me. As in STRESS is a choice…a thing we create in our minds that is then manifested in our physical body, health, our psyche?!?
So who would choose to stress?
I often do?!? 
My goal today was to let my thoughts go…as a teacher I try to remind my students to gently let go of negative or nagging thoughts.
Today I knew My stress was stemming from the thought that I was not completing 30 Days 30 Gurus in the way I intended. 
The reality, I was doing yoga daily and actually had been for 6 days prior to Sept 1…And several days a week before that…today I was my own Guru; And that is ok! 
I often say “change your thoughts/ change your life” and I believe it.
I also believe there is yoga lessons/energy in all I did today…a new gym class with Aliyah, Trying new vegan recipes and teaching a great one on one tonight…
Day 3 take away-
Now I know if you “Change your thoughts…Remove Stress Forever”

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