30 Days 30 Gurus Day 4: Chatarunga Dandasana is my Guru

  So-maybe wanting MORE was the exact wrong/opposite way to go about this 30 days?!? Maybe looking for LESS is what yoga practice is supposed to teach us! A place to find acceptance and stillness.
I do believe contentment is a huge gift I receive from my regular practices. 
This months quest for me is really about challenging my body, my mind and my resolve. Being a new mom can be all consuming in good and bad ways. I wanted to be driven to my mat -even on those sleep deprived mornings…I needed to be goal centered and make appointments with my mat. Learning MORE, finding MORE gurus…well as we say in the south…Lagniappe! (Lil something extra)
Yesterday I can honestly say my Guru was a bit of a surprise to me —Chatarunga Dandasana…as I went through the motions of 50 or so in all different variations I started to feel like a well oiled machine. I remember a time when I could not hover…a time when the thought of a one armed push up sounded insane!!! Today they were all effortless in that rhythmic way that only comes from PRACTICE.
Wow! Maybe any asana can feel this easy with PRACTICE…ah ha!
This morning as a revel in my Soreness I feel the lesson is Simple:
PRACTICE can make one pose Feel Perfect!

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