Hips Don’t Lie…Are Not Cause to Cry. (Why I Will Never Fit in Those Pants Again)

Aliyah will be one on Oct 12…Where did the time go?
I have been planning a return to my blog for 2 weeks…ahhh planning…
As soon as I get a good night sleep I’d say…
Maybe while A naps I’d say…
I even started to wish I could own a device that plucks the lines from my head…I have a lot to say…always!

So much has happen on this cyber hiatus…
But, Today as I approach 1 year with Aliyah…I want to talk about baby weight and body changes…and how I Keep Moving…even on sleepless nights. How I planned to get back into Pre Aliyah pants.

I have been back down to my pre baby weight for about 2 weeks now. Prior to realizing this I was still going bananas trying to get back into certain pants.
I missed the look of a few, but mostly it was the idea I had in my head of Pre Baby Body.
I have been keeping to a great workout schedule(Aliyah is often included).**

So WHY WHY WHY don’t my pants fit?!?
I run, yoga, paddle…all the things I did before…I am still nursing…eating well…WTF???
Come on pants…FIT!!!!

It is Simple!
My hips spread…as in the bones!
My current weight is down, but my measurements across my hips changed…FOREVER!
…Some women get bigger butts, feet, misshaped boobs, stretch marks…these are all common uncontrollable changes.

It hit me a little hard, but only briefly…It is out of my control…and curves are not a bad thing! Right?
Why Obsess?
I surrendered and promptly gave away my clothes.

The old Ursula would of left them hanging there with the fantasy that one Happy day…they would slip on like a glove.
The old me…would of got size obsessed, depressed and probably cried over a few pair.

I am stoked to be living a healthy lifestyle, I am hoping to inspire Aliyah and be a roll model, and I was happy to know my pants are traveling to new adventures…lol…
Really~I just wanted to share that Keeping Skinny is often not not about size(ever heard of skinny fat) but about energy level, muscle building, stretching mind and body!



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