Can I Live 30 Days Without Fear?!?

imageBlogging takes a back seat to everything these days! I often write a post in my head, but it seldom makes it to an actual post.  I swear they are great reads…in my mind…lol…

Any-who, time keeps on slipping and I am pleased that I am keeping my old school records and journals, (lots of notes for A), doing more/teaching more yoga and frequently cooking for just me, (what?) but lately life has been a bigger challenge! Aniexty, stress, and all these negative emotions are taking their toll of my positive energy.
Aren’t holidays always bananas…sad/good/Great/CRASH!!!
I have so many fond and hard holiday memories all mixed in…Balance right?!
I took this week off and canceled my travel plans to reboot me…so to speak and it seems I am even falling short here.  Let’s face it sitting still is not my forte.
So I decided I’d blog and list some of this years successes and failures as a way to sort of clean my mind’s closet.
Ringing in 2014 Fearless and Free of this junk.
2013 Successes
1) Nursing Aliyah…I never thought I’d last the 1st 6 weeks…still giving her 2 feeds a day
2) 3 Very large successful Holiday events…in the same week…even though I have been debating a closing of Divine my food creativity is at an all time high
3) keeping up with a stellar exercise routine which now includes regular lifting, running, yoga and more…feels powerful and strong
4) I’m OPEN… I am open to others ideas more, new things, Even new adventures
5) I am comfortable in my skin…I have embraced myself this year with a whole heart (I’m a dork, unique, weird, crazy, and lots of other positive strange things) and it has allowed me to make great mistakes which teach me daily
2013 Fails
1) I did not complete a plan for either business as I am still in a bit of limbo as to what to do moving into 2014
2) I have not spent proper quality time with some friends and family, because I work to much (hard not smart!)
3) I did not continue swimming and paddling much (or get my roof rack up?!)
4) I have been unsuccessful with curbing the waste in our home (food waste, trash, etc)
5) I have had a fear of planning this coming year…and a fear of not planning it!?! Oy!
This last one got me thinking…I am a yogi.., but can’t I go 30 days without fear (anxiety).
I saw a teleconference on this very topic…and thought…oh SO cool, but not me?!?
I’m going to try… I think I can…I think I can…
Who is with me?!?
Imagine what we will accomplish…because we can not fail.

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