My 2014 SuperPower is Being Inspired…What’s Yours?

As I read through my last few months of blogs; I realize some updates are in order.  

1) I am Currently in my skinny jeans!?! I started a regular weight lifting routine at the end of November and poof I actually gained weight (muscle) and my old clothes fit. It is hard work and I only have time for 30 stops at gym, and yes-Worth It!
2) I never completed my 30 days of yoga in a row! What was I thinking? I have a new baby and I’d just lost my sitter…Oy!
I did try some great new classes
though, and the 30 days 30 New Studios is still in my future.
3) the random list of questions..,ahh…it finally continues: below!
17)Work with a coach. 
I am totally enjoying my workouts with Joy, the Radical Self Love Letters from Gala girl, and my 3 new journals(all guided)
18)Or a healer… Still thinking foot relaxing
19)Or a therapist…nah
20)Take a walk…Run and strolling A more…need a beach walk
21)Become a tourist in your own town… Love investigating…colony Staycation soon
22)Drink a big glass of water…umm yep-Done
23)People watch and imagine what each person’s inner super power is: this is inspiring a yoga lesson, a life lesson, a class at clinic
24)Rearrange your furniture
I used to ❤ this SO much
25)Finger paint…with Aliyah lots
26)Play with an animal…Tommy<3
27)Try out a new medium…does my skateboard count? Lol
28)Kiss someone lovely…Aliyah is just the best tastiest to kiss!!!l
Feeling inspired lately…I want inspired to be my 2014 Super Power!!!

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