Because I Choose Joy…

As I relax after my long work day and start to journal my daily happies (gratitudes) I am struck with a sense of WOW!! 2014 is off to quite a start…HAPPY New YEAR!  We have the greatest bunch of creative posse members this year.  It is so refreshing to be part of a group of woman supporting the goals and dreams of their peers. These woman compete hard with themselves to improve their businesses, quality of life and to shine for the universe.  My word for 2014 “Inspired” and everywhere I turn the universe is serving it up…on silver platters I might add.

I was chatting with a girlfriend today about manifesting your destiny.  I believe in both negative and positive forms of manifestation.   Your (my) attitude is the catalyst for all things possible!

2011 was a radiant example of this kind of life…A purpose driven…I choose to be happy kind of a life.  This year is off to that same start.  I have invested effort in positive energy, journaling, quality time with my daughter over more work, lots of exercise and sex, lots of laughs and family dinners, yoga, meditation and mindful home care(did you know I love to fold laundry?), ANYWAYS…bottom line: I made a schedule, set a plan in motion and I think there is a lot to said for asking with intension.

Happiness may not always be within reach. Happiness may be contingent on your current life circumstances. JOY is always with reach. There is always something/someone to be grateful for.

I have learned in joy and in heart ache you and your life become what you believe. You can not always control your circumstances, but you can control your attitude!!! Again, YOU CAN CONTROL ONLY YOU! AND YOUR ATTITUDE. Waking up daily with an intension of Joy is not always easy. It is always worth the effort.  The same effort put in to negative thinking will make you heart sick, sad or worse! You deserve better.  You deserve to LIVE WITH JOY!

This new year commit to releasing should of, renew your faith in the power of thinking, replace your wishes with action steps and respond with kindness…When we surrender to this idea of taking responsibility for our own JOY it really is a different kind of life.


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